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Olympic Bob Run

The St. Moritz Celerina Olympic bob run was opened in 1904 and is located on Kulm Hotel's extensive property. Thus, the ice channel in the Upper Engadine is the world’s oldest bob run and also the world’s last remaining natural ice run. All other bob runs in Europe, North America and Japan have to be artificially frozen, as they do not have the climatic benefit of high altitudes.

Not only the construction of the St. Moritz ice channel – which makes exclusive use of snow and water – is unique, but also its history. The outcomes of several European and World Championships as well as two Olympic competitions have been decided on the bob run from St. Moritz to Celerina.

The Olympic Bob Run St. Moritz Celerina was first built in 1904.
The Olympic Bob Run St. Moritz Celerina was first built in 1904.

During its long history, the bob run has also been discovered as a venue for other forms of sport. Every year, athletes test their skills down the bob run on skeletons and luges. Not forgetting the annual horn-sledge races and bob-run skating, which can be considered exclusive events.

Bob taxi-runs – a long tradition with an adrenaline kick

As early as the end of the 1930s, Italian bob racer, Nino Bibba, took fearless society ladies from St. Moritz to Celerina by bob. At that time, the trips were made with bobs of the Feierabend model. Today’s fleet of 15 bobs for taxi runs have nothing more to do with these earlier types. The bobs now used for guests are slightly modified four-man racing bobs piloted by experienced bob pilots and accompanied by a brakeman. Taxi guests sit in 2nd and 3rd positions.

Runs are made daily after training and/or race runs, whereby weekends are reserved for sponsors. Furthermore, only limited or possibly no guest runs are made during international events. The run down the 1722 metre course takes about 75 seconds, reaching a force of up to 4.5G in the Horseshoe and a top speed of up to 135 km/h approaching the Martineau Corner. The scrape of the brake after the Portago Corner signals the end of the trip. Congratulations from the professionals are accepted with much appreciation!

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