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Body Scrubs and Wraps

Give your skin a lift

Treat yourself to a pleasantly warm body wrap and stretch out on a water bed at a pleasant 37 °C that even has a light massage function.

Body Scrubs

  Duration Price

   Alpienne Honey Scrub with Mountain Crystals
This refreshing honey scrub stimulates your circulation and metabolism. Its rich ingredients leave your skin silky-smooth. 30 min. CHF 95

      Novacid Full-Body Scrub
by Ericson Laboratoire    
Three kinds of fruit acid have a massaging effect that smoothes out orange-peel skin and has a lasting anti-cellulite effect. 30 min. CHF 95

Body Wraps

  Duration Price

This sumptuous wrap removes toxins and reduces fluid retention, strengthens tissue and stimulates the fat burning process. 30 Min. CHF 90

    Peat Mud
Mineral-rich peat mud intensively purifies and detoxifies body and skin. Just the thing for rheumatic complaints, skin allergies and other skin problems. 30 Min. CHF 90

    Regeneration and Better Aging
The wrap’s blend of special ingredients boosts circulation and body cell regeneration, firms your skin and restores hormonal balance. 30 Min. CHF 90
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