Body treatments

tightening and reducing

Purify and tighten your skin and reduce your body shape with effective detox treatments from Ericson Laboratoire. Feel the revitalizing effect of the soft pack.

Body Treatments

Osmo Thermy by Ericson - detox

Detox and purification with beneficial Guérande salts make use of osmotic processes to eliminate excessive water deposits. Body scrub and body wrap release toxins and leave your skin velvety soft.
1 h
CHF 150
Slim & Lift by Ericson - tightening

Growth of fat cells is stopped and development of cells producing collagen and elastin is boosted. The result is a slimmer shape and super soft skin.
1 h 20 min.
CHF 190
Cellu VIB by Ericson - anti-cellulite

Three methods encourage subcutaneous fat melt-away, drain and eliminate water deposits and improve connective tissue structure leaving the skin smoother and tighter.
1 h
CHF 160
Lipo Stress by Ericson - regenerating

Relaxes the entire body and supports the slimming process. This neurocosmetic treatment releases the body’s endorphins and produces an anti-stress effect that reduces tension and boosts fat-reduction.
1 h
CHF 160

Body Scrub

Osmo Thermy Peeling by Ericson

Select one of the four unique Guérande sea salts: relax, energy, drainage or cellulite. These then are combined with exclusive phyto-aroma oils for an intense body scrub, leaving your skin velvet-soft.
20 min.
CHF 95

Hydrojet Massage Baths

Hydrojet Massage Bath

Relaxing, purifying or regenerating options are available.
20 min.
CHF 65
Romantic bath for two

Enjoy a romantic bath for two in our exclusive Private Spa Suite’s twin tub.
20 min.
CHF 110
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