Top Event Engadin

Cricket on Ice

Thu, 13.02.2020 - Sat, 15.02.2020
Fast balls, spectacular full-length dives and acrobatic stunts make Cricket on Ice an extraordinary event. In the sparkling setting of a frozen winter lake, fans from all over the world celebrate top players from India, Pakistan and the UK.

"Drama happens in big cricket matches," said Harold Pinter, Nobel prize-winner for literature and a great cricket enthusiast, "but also in small matches." We would also add: and especially in cricket on ice! The idea of staging one of the most popular of all summer sports in the middle of the Engadin winter was born in 1987 - naturally, one is tempted to say, over a beer in a hotel bar. Horse racing, polo and golf tournaments had all already taken place on frozen Lake St. Moritz, and since 1988 top cricket teams have also shown their skill, stamina and fitness here in games lasting about two hours. World-class players from India, England, South Africa and elsewhere enjoy the challenges that the winter presents, and so fight passionately not only for their team but also against the whims of nature. The special ball, made of artificial materials, receives less spin from the bowler but bounces higher in front of the batsman; catches involve spectacular leaps and slides.