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17th WinterRAID

Thu, 16.01.2020 - Sat, 18.01.2020
The rally-winter in the mountains is something you have to experience.

Jagged mountains, steep passes, glorious morning and evening light as well as snow storms, ice, and bone chilling cold. And of course the beam of the headlights in darkest night, illuminating the snow walls hemming in the wintery roads. A sporty competition in dreamy landscapes that challenges driver and co-pilot.

Three days of sportive winter fun, combined with unique landscape enjoyment. From the Engadine to the Trentino, over the plateaus and mountains of Venezia and for the first time up to the Monte Grappa. If the conditions are good, you can see Venice and the sea from here. The route continues into the Dolomites, followed by impressive valleys of South Tyrol. Then back to St. Moritz.

Organisation Raid
Binningerstrasse 95
CH-4123 Allschwil
+41 61 301 38 95