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Silser Hesse Days

Thu, 10.06.2021 - Sun, 13.06.2021
Once a year, the Hotel Waldhaus in Sils becomes a place of pilgrimage for admirers of the novels and poetry of Hermann Hesse, who loved to stay here.

Hermann Hesse felt a great affection for "the most beautiful mountain landscape that I know" and for Sils: from 1905, he spent a total of 395 days of his life here. The Silser Hesse-Tage at the Waldhaus Sils, Hesse´s "home from home", is an internationally renowned forum that offers artists and writers from all over the world the opportunity to reveal the latest thought on Hesse´s work and share their responses to Hesse´s wonderfully imaginative world. The multi-faceted programme is aimed at anyone who enjoys reading and who would like to get to know Hesse better. Every year, the event has a new theme as a focus for the discussions between the gathering´s illustrious guests - such as Hesse´s relationship with politics, world religions, psychoanalysis, music or painting, or the role of women in his life and work, or that of other writers and artists among his friends. This broad scope makes the Silser Hesse-Tage an exceptionally stimulating place of encounter and exchange for all Hesse enthusiasts.

Hotel Waldhaus
Via da Fex 3
CH-7514 Sils / Segl Maria
+41 81 838 51 00