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Festival da Jazz

Thu, 16.07.2020 - Sun, 02.08.2020
various locations
Jazz and the rough Engadin landscape. This is the mix that distinguishes the Festival da Jazz. Especially this year, when more open airs are happening. It will be: A gentle return to live music.


This year´s Festival da Jazz will take place in a slightly different form, adapted to the current situation. The 13th edition will concentrate on open air street music in the pedestrian zone, concerts at the lake, at Hauser´s and other locations. There are also concerts at Lej da Staz and in Taiswald. Unfortunately, the main stage has to stay closed this year, and, Count Dracula will have to sleep through this summer season. Then again, St. Moritz and its surroundings offer enough splendid playing fields and unchartered venues for our Main Concerts, which are going to play at the Hotel Reine Victoria, the Kulm Hotel and Badrutt´s Palace. Due to the restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic, the festival period has been shortened to 3 weeks and will mainly feature bands, singers and musicians from Switzerland and nearby countries. Among them are Othella Dallas, Klaus Doldinger, Seven, and Dieter Meier. Although the Covid-19 requirements, the Festival da Jazz team promises a special concert atmosphere, offering all guests the space that is needed to listen to music without worries. It will be a gentle return to life music. 

The concert program of the 13th Festival da Jazz is online.