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Stubete am See in Sils

Fri, 16.10.2020 - Sun, 18.10.2020
For the first time from 16th to 18th october is organised the Stubete am See in Sils, the festival of swiss folkmusic in the mountain valley of Engiadine.

In Sils -which is an unique place- shows up over 20 musicgroups, bands from all Switzerland representing the new line of swiss folkmusic. Near 26 concerts, 6 dancing parties, 3 special hikes with musicians and a dancing course, the highlight of this festival is the colourful street parade, between the traditional engiadine houses of Sils. 

The highlights of this festival are the 26 concerts, 6 folkdance parties, a dance course and hikes with musicians around the pictoresque Sils. In the center of Stubete am See is the « Ländlerorchester 2020 », an unique troupe of musicians, grounded and leaded by Thomas Aeschbacher and accompanied with 12 wellknown musicians from the swiss folkmusic scene. They have concerts all 3 days during the festival on different stages.

From the oldest traditional engiadine music until the newest compositions of Domenic Janett, this festival embraces the whole swiss traditional music from the past till present.

The street parade in Sils is the highlight of the festival, when the musicians are playing on the old coaches pulled by horses. The «moving stage» with the musicians followed by singing and dancing locals is a new way to celebrate the autumn in Sils.

Stubete am See in Sils

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