New sparkle
for the Kulm Country Club in Kulm Park

The Eispavillon in Kulm Park shines in new splendour since the reopening for the 2017 World Ski Championships in St. Moritz. The Eispavillon is especially valued for its historical role in the Olympic Winter Games held here in 1928 and 1948. The renovation and expansion work on the 110-year-old building is being expertly completed under the direction of the English architect Lord Norman Foster.

Further information regarding menu and opening hours of the Kulm Country Club can be found here.

The newly restored Kulm Country Club

The Kulm Country Club will be home to a stylish new restaurant on the first floor with a sun terrace, and will feature touring exhibitions on the theme of the Olympic games, sports and other topics of local and contemporary interest. The ground floor will house a shop designed according to local architectural traditions and a room for skate hire for the adjoining natural ice rink in the Kulm Park.


A classic returns