St. Moritz Gourmet Festival

From 31.01.-08.02.2020

Be part of the 27th St. Moritz Gourmet Festival from 31.01.-08.02.2020 and discover ...

... high-class international guest chefs

... excellent top chefs

... around 40 culinary events

... various eventlocations


Save the date and enjoy the delicious cullinary journey together with us!


We proudly present our guest chefs 

Asma Khan @ Kulm Hotel

From 5-7 February 2020

The former lawyer opened a supper club in her apartment in Kensington in 2012, a pop-up restaurant in Soho in 2015 and has been head chef at the Darjeeling Express since 2017. She participated as the first female British chef at Netflix' Chef's Table. Her Indian cusiune is a true hommage to Asma's royal Mughal ancestry and the busy streets of Calcutta.

Her personal cuisine has the aim of, “embracing the guests in a culinarily sense and making their souls shine”, says Asma Khan. She passionately does everything she can to offer women from different backgrounds more opportunities in top gastronomy.   


From 5-7 February 2020 you can experience the culinary arts of Asma Khan with us!

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Bel Coelho @ Kronenhof

From 1-3 February 2020

The head chef at El Clandestino restaurant in São Paulo has made a name for herself with an authentic Brazilian Haute cuisine. Her menus are created with local ingredients and edible exotic plants.

Bel Coelho is a fierce defender of a sustainable and fair food system. Her ideals and principles are represented in her cuisine at Clandestino, the chef’s restaurant where she serves, one week per month, a creative tasting menu, carefully constructed with the chef’s unique narrative style and made with seasonal native ingredients. 



From 1-3 February 2020 you can experience the culinary arts of Bel Coelho at Grand Hotel Kronenhof!

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