Body treatments

tightening and reducing

Listen to your body and find your way back to a healthy and vital feeling. Our wide range of body treatments restores your balance, lets you relax and recharges your batteries.

Body Treatments

Osmo Thermy - detox

Cleansing and detoxification through body peeling and wrap with precious Guérande salt leads to drainage of excess water via osmotic processes. Ideal as a first treatment to intensify the subsequent treatments.
50 min.
CHF 160
Birch & juniper - detox

The detoxifying juniper and the diuretic effect of young birch leaves support the detoxification and fat burning processes and activate the metabolism.
20 min.
CHF 95
Cellu VIB - anti-cellulite

A partial body wrap for legs and buttocks. Three methods encourage subcutaneous fat melt-away, drain and eliminate water deposits and improve connective tissue structure leaving the skin smoother and tighter.
50 min.
CHF 160
Slim & Lift - tightening

An effective treatment leading to fat reduction all over the body. Tightens the skin, reduces stretch marks, repairs and strengthens the capillaries.
1 h 10 min.
CHF 190

Body Scrub

Salt Scrub

The extraordinary effect of the salt, rich in essential minerals, provides a cleansing and light body feeling, stimulates the metabolism and brings back lost energy.
20 min.
CHF 95

Hydrojet Massage Baths

Hydrojet Massage Bath

Relaxing, purifying or regenerating options are available.
20 min.
CHF 65
Tranquility bath for two

Enjoy a romantic bath for two with our unique Tranquillity Oil in our exclusive Private Spa Suite’s twin tub.
20 min.
CHF 110
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Recommendation: for an optimal effect, combine our body treatments with one of our relaxing or activating massages.