Body treatments

tightening and reducing

Listen to your body and find your way back to a healthy and vital feeling. Our wide range of body treatments restores your balance, lets you relax and recharges your batteries.

Please note that treatments can only be booked on the following dates:

Summer: 16.06.2022 - 11.09.2022

Winter: 02.12.2022 - 16.04.2023


Body Treatments

Waves of Relaxation bath by Voya

Submerge your body in a bath of pure organic, hand-harvested Atlantic seaweed to help release unwanted toxins, and alleviate aches and pains. Utilising only the natural power of organic seaweed, this unique therapy will deeply moisturise the skin, increase circulation and promote healing.

45 min
CHF 80
Revival Body Scrub by Voya

Let us scrub your body head to toe with certified organic bladderwrack body buff - the ultimate for tired and dull skin. Combined with Voya‘s signature oils it offers a powerful organic way to a better skin. The gentle yet effective formula removes lifeless looking skin cells, to reveal more refined, softer and silky-smooth skin.
50 min
CHF 180
Seaweed Leaf Wrap by Voya

This wrap hydrates and relaxes your tired and lethargic muscles, relieves your stress and fatigue. It tones and firm your skin and helps against the signs of ageing and cellulite. Its anti-oxidant compounds help to protect against cell damage. Recommended in conjunction with a weight loss programme.
1 h 20 min
CHF 260
Restorative Ritual Mud Wrap by Voya

Dive into the uplifting Seaweed Body Buff, accompanied with a peat moss rich Mud Wrap for cleansing the skin. The purifying elements of fresh seaweed, which is rich in potent anti-oxidants and minerals, have an immediate and noticeable effect, firming and toning the skin, making this treatment perfect for results-driven guests.
50 min
CHF 180
Detox Massage by Voya

An energizing massage focusing on upper legs, glutes, lower back, hips and abdomen. It uses a dry brush and silicon cupping glasses to stimulate the blood circulation, improving the skin quality and reducing fluid retention.
50 min
CHF 180
Peaks of Slimness by Valmont

A high-performance treatment targeting curves and cellulite. The skin is firmer and more toned, the contours of the figure are redrawn, and the body feels incredibly fresh and light.
1 h
CHF 220
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