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Timeless Tessandra with Maya Repele

Take your place in a tradition 95 years in the crafting. Step into the Tessanda, a hidden workshop, and unlock the timeless art of hand weaving.

“Preserving the rare craft of handweaving and securing high-quality jobs for women – my heart’s desire.”

Here time is disrupted. The old wooden looms, some of which are more than 100 years old, and the rhythmic sound of the traditional hand-weaving workshop, are brought agelessly into the modern world. The modernity is achieved not only through the contemporary and fresh finished products, but also through Tessanda’s direction and perspective; a space where authenticity, expertise and attention to detail reign supreme. Your guide is Executive Director Maya Repele, who will lead you through the 95-year-old process, set against the symphony of rhythmic sound as artisans work on the looms.

Meet Maya Repele

Maya Repele is the President of the Foundation Board a.i., and the Executive Director of the Tessanda. This traditional hand-weaving workshop was founded in 1928 in Val Müstair by local women, looking to use their artisanal expertise to create the best quality woven products. Today, Tessanda is one of only three remaining professional handloom weavers in Switzerland, and an essential cultural and historical asset of the Engadin region. 

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