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The Wood Carver

The forests. The scent. The power of wood.

Nora Engels is a child of the Engadin – a sportswoman, nature lover, but above all, a trained wood carver.

Wood For All Seasons

Whether driftwood from the mountain rivers, roots, tree trunks or a mundane block of wood – when Nora gets to work with a carving tool, axe, hammer or chainsaw, she feels the energy of this material and gives her sculptures a soul – a new life, so to speak.

Outdoor Inspiration

Growing up with three brothers, Nora has always been drawn to the outdoors: a cross-country ski instructor in winter and a biking guide during the Engadin’s warmer months. She knows every cross-country ski trail, every route in the valley, but she is especially well acquainted with the dense forests, all of the trees, every enchanting nook and cranny, the mystical spots and real places of power.

As a trained carpenter and wood sculptor, Nora was not yet satisfied with her sense of self until she was gripped by the energy of nature. “My creativity was going to waste. The forest with its wealth of trees is my source of inspiration and it gifts me with many ideas.”

Child Of The Mountains

She is now a dedicated and passionate artist and wood sculptor, and when she needs a break from her exhausting handicraft work, she turns to her self-made Alphorn. This symbol of Alpine culture, with its full, solemn tones, is the perfect match for the mountain landscape of the Engadin.

As Nora says, “If I can play these traditional, natural sounds somewhere on the mountain, then I’m happy. I don’t need anything more.”