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SAILING Champions League

Thu, 15.08.2019 - Sun, 18.08.2019
Lake of St. Moritz
From 30th August to 2nd September 2018 Europe´s best sailing clubs will be competing on the Lake of St. Moritz in the grand finale of the SAILING Champions League.

Apart from St. Moritz, the other stages of this competition are in St. Petersburg, Russia, and Porto Cervo, Italy.

Sailing Club of the Year will then be decided at the grand finale in St. Moritz from August 30 to September 2, 2018 between the best 15 teams of the first two rounds. Also present will be St. Moritz Sailing Club as host, and last year´s winner the Costa Smeralda Yacht Club.

These regattas against the unique Engadine alpine backdrop can be viewed from a grandstand specially erected on the lake.

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