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«Tales of a Tree» St. Moritz

Sun, 05.12.2021 - Sun, 09.01.2022
Plazza Mauritius St. Moritz
For the second time, St. Moritz offers guests the Christmas projection "Tales of a Tree" from 5 December 2021 until 9 January 2022.

Created in collaboration with the internationally reputed St. Moritz animation director Oliver Conrad, this musically accompanied video and light projection for adults and children tells a heart-warming Christmas story about the Engadine forest animals.

At the centre of "Tales of a Tree" is once again a real Christmas tree mounted on the façade of the community centre. This year, however, it is accompanied by similar trees arranged to form a visual bridge between the tree on the façade and the viewer on the ground. Tales of a Tree thus links with the audience, transforming the community square into a multimedia Christmas forest by means of a revised musical concept. This year´s story is in fact a kind of animated musical. The protagonists are forest animals living in the Engadine, who lead the audience through the story by singing. The song "Space Oddity" by David Bowie, sung by a children´s choir, musically accompanies the film. In addition to the story, well-known St. Moritz photos can also be seen from a new perspective.

Platform for concerts and DJ performances
An important innovation in "Tales of a Tree" 2021/2022 is the coordinated musical concept accompanying the performances. On selected dates, live concerts and DJ performances will accompany the projection. These concerts will underscore the Christmas mood and invite visitors to linger.

Screened for a month
The approximately 30-minute sound and light projection "Tales of a Tree" will be shown several times a day from 5.30 pm to 10 pm from 5 December 2021 until 9 January 2022. This means that visitors do not have to be on Mauritiusplatz square in front of the parish hall at any specific time.

Award-winning artist
St. Moritz animation director Oliver Conrad is responsible for this Christmas event. Conrad has worked in the USA as an illustrator and director for animated films and has devoted himself increasingly to the visual arts since 2016. His works have been exhibited in Berlin and New York among other places. He currently lives and works in Paris and St. Moritz. For a similar sound and light projection during Advent on Zurich´s Paradeplatz, this Engadine native won a golden EDI AWARD in 2017, presented by the Federal Department of Home Affairs for the best commissioned films.

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